Wierd idea: PS3 vs Mac desktop line...

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I had an amusing thought given the xMac Tower monster thread and the PS3 thread here.

VIAO no longer has a tower line and their desktops are a wierd as Apples (wierder even given the 200 DVD changer desktop).

What about a standard PS3 stuffed into a tower case with a 4 drive RAID, 802.11n router that could serve media to all the other PS3s and PSPs in the house? Heck make the individual pieces more or less independent so the PS3 can play games and still serve as a NAS without degradation. Boot into Linux for desktop use.

Heh, they could make a AIO PS3 to challenge the iMac given their current AIO sucks anyway.

Eh, they don't have the money/effort for this but it would be an amusing challenge to Apple and MS for the media center market.

For Apple, I think a NAS/iTunes server would work as well as a real tower.



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    Well since barely anyone is going to have a PS3, much less multiple it seems quite useless, though an interesting concept.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,437moderator
    I think Apple should strike up a deal with Sony to put PS2s inside Macs. They are tiny components and it would probably only be a £50 BTO option given that there is a DVD drive already and no enclosure is needed. This could turn around Mac gaming pretty quick and it would take off due to the vast number of games as well as being able to use a keyboard and mouse for those FPS games that were awkward on the PS2. Both Sony and Apple are quite alike and I'd love to see some sort of link between them. Sony has some good display technology, Blu-ray and a good Japanese/Chinese market where Apple has better cost cutting design as well as the ipod/itunes market and now a phone with fancy multi-touch technology. Together, they'd be a force to be reckoned with.
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    How are Sony and Apple alike? At all?
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    vineavinea Posts: 5,585member
    Originally Posted by gregmightdothat View Post

    How are Sony and Apple alike? At all?

    Both are competing in the home media market against Windows/Xbox.

    Both don't have desktop lines except really goofy ones (ie neither competes with Dell/HP).

    Both sell laptops.

    Both are premium brands.

    Both have brand loyalty.

    Both can supply end to end solutions (Sony with the PS3...not on the Windows VAIO side).

    Both use unix in their end to end solution in some way (OSX and the Linux that Sony allows on the PS3).

    Sony rather blatantly copies Apple's lead in a lot of things (AIO, SFF, etc). The PS3 is one area where they could leverage other capabilities to do something interesting in the VAIO line.


    They certainly have more in common with each other than with MS or Dell. Sony is bigger and they have different advantages and disadvantages but looking at the desktop lines and aTV the two companies compete with each other more and more (or less and less depending on what you think of Sony's recent execution which has been pretty bad).

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    vineavinea Posts: 5,585member
    Originally Posted by Shadow Slayer 26 View Post

    Well since barely anyone is going to have a PS3, much less multiple it seems quite useless, though an interesting concept.

    My thought was that I'm guessing once the 360 footprint is large enough and MS believes it can be profitable that you'll see MS Office (edu) on the 360...

    IMHO that would be the deathknell of the PS3 but piss a LOT of Windows OEMs off. So it might not happen this generation...if at all.

    Certainly MS hopes for multiple 360s in a house as a MCX. Sony might be too and this is only 2 PS3s...one near the TV and one in the den that replaces a traditional desktop. As long as you don't need MS stuff anyway. It would appeal to Linux users...and compete more with OSX than Windows.

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