xbox 360 or PS3

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which did you buy


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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    xbox 360: better games (at least for now), and you don't have to pay a "tax" to bolster Sony's bid to win the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD war. Plus you can actually find an xbox console in stores!
  • Reply 2 of 13 it and have had it for more than a year now.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,737member
    Stuff Magazine in the UK gave the PS3 the number 1 spot in its gaming console top 10 list.

    Here's their full reveiw of the PS3;

    "It’s here. At last. How can the PS3 possibly live up to our ridiculously high expectations? By being the best games console and media hub ever...

    After countless delays, Europe finally has the latest PlayStation in its grasp. Far from just a games console, this is a true all-rounder – the cheapest Blu-ray player you can buy, a media server for your music and digital video, and a web-surfer. ??In fact, there seems little that it can’t do, but then it does cost considerably more than any of its competitors or those that came before it. Can we really justify £425 on this? Let’s set up a user account and find out.??Big boy?The PS3 has a fat price tag and an equally lardy waistline, but a little demonstration proves it’s all justified. Take one Xbox 360. Now tape its huge power supply, the £130 HD DVD drive, a Wi-Fi adaptor and a Quick Charge kit – so you don’t spend a load more on batteries for your controller – to the top.??Compare that messy, noisy pile of tech to your PS3, which is sitting quietly on its own thanks to a built-in power supply, Wi-Fi and Blu-ray drive. ??It’s an easy choice, even ignoring the fact that your Xbox 360 still has no motion-sensitive control, no HDMI, less processing power and 40GB less storage. ??Mission: Control?So, the PS3’s a better buy on paper, but what’s it like in-lounge? The overall gaming experience is, in a word, awesome. The SIXAXIS controller – it senses tilting through three axis and acceleration through three axis, hence the silly name – isn’t as conducive to fun party gaming as the Nintendo Wii’s remote and ‘nunchuck’ combo, but the immersive graphics and playability of the launch titles more than compensate.

    To name a few, Motorstorm offers some of the finest graphics and funnest gameplay ever, Resistance: Fall of Man is a fine first-person shooter and Formula One Championship actually brings F1 to life. Others to watch out for in the near future are Call of Duty 3, F.E.A.R and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.??Blu velvet?Of course, the PS3 isn’t just about games – that Blu-ray player can spin movies too. And the drive’s playback is, we’re pleased to report, staggeringly good – much better, and faster, than the other HD spinners we’ve seen and miles better than the Xbox HD DVD drive. Watching this pump 1080p through HDMI makes you realise this is definitely more advanced than the 360. ??The PS3’s final trump card over its rival is the Playstation Network, which is much like Xbox Live but free. You can download free demos and trailers, as well as buying games. You can even download games for your PSP and transfer them to Memory Stick using the front-mounted card reader. The web browser is very good and you can plug any old USB mouse and keyboard in for a PC-like experience.??In short, then, the PS3’s gone and done it. Done what we hoped it would, and what the Xbox 360 feared it might, by achieving the dual feat of being the best games console ever and a fine Blu-ray player to boot. Now excuse us, we’re off to play Motorstorm."
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    The PS3 is not all bad - says Sony director Phil Harrison


    Sony's Phil Harrison has spent an entire session at the D.I.C.E. Summit defending key areas of the company's PlayStation strategy.

    Speaking in a question and answer session with Newsweek's N'Gai Croal, the exec has defended Sony's approach to the launch of the PlayStation 3, its online functionalities, technical support for third-party developers and the role of the PlayStation Portable in the gaming market.

    Harrison admitted that Sony's technical support for developers could be improved, in particular addressing the regular criticism from third-party studios that rival Microsoft does a better job of looking after relationships and providing developers with the help they need.

    "There's no point in me being defensive. If that's what people are saying, there has to be an an element of truth in it," he said.

    "We can always do a better job," conceded Harrison. "We can always provide better tools, we can always provide better documentation, we can always provide better service."

    Harrison was also defensive of the launch of the PlayStation 3 when Croal brought up comments from Valve's Gabe Newell, who had previously declared the PS3 launch a "total disaster".

    "By what measure is the launch of PS3 unsuccessful?" he asked. "We had people lined up in stores in three continents."

    "We have supplied the market with more products in Japan, Asia and the US than we did the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, and more software than PlayStation and PlayStation 2."

    He also revealed that the first batch of consoles for the European launch are already being shipped.

    When quizzed about Sony's online structure, and how he expects the PlayStation Network to measure up to the success already achieved by Microsoft's rival Xbox Live service, Harrison stated that the PS3 is designed to evolve over time as the market demands.

    "The launch of a platform like PS3 is not a fixed specification the day you buy the console."

    He said: "The chipset stays the same but what it does in software changes over time. We'll continue to refine it, not just for developer experience, but for consumers too."

    Finally, when asked about the future of the PSP, Harrison said that having the equivalent of a handheld PS2 was only the beginning of the consoles potential.

    "I don't mean to belittle developers, but we've only managed to recreate PS2 in the palm of your hand," said Harrison.

    "I think we can go deeper, I think we can explore more features of the machine, connectivity, social aspects, media aspects and integrate it into game design that is unique to that format."

    "It's not a missed opportunity so much as a future opportunity," he added.


    So there you have it. Absolutely nothing for Sony to be defensive about.

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    Ok well one of those reviews came from Sony lol.

    The other came from a place that needs and wants everything. Lots of people already had an ethernet cable from their old xbox...why would we need a wireless adapter? The batteries last long enough for least 2 months usually. How many people have an HDTV? How many of those people know that their "upscaling dvd player" doesn't do true HD? How many of those people have a 360? Very small market we are looking at with the HD-DVD addition. I would much rather not have to pay for something I don't need, than be forced to for something I don't need.

    They are looking at their own little market. I'll admit it, if I wanted the absolute best gaming experience I would go for the PS3 (well maybe...XBL is still amazing). However I don't have an HDTV...I have an Ethernet cable leading to my xbox already...the batteries last me more than enough...what incentive does the PS3 have over the 360 then?
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,737member
    Originally Posted by Shadow Slayer 26 View Post

    What incentive does the PS3 have over the 360 then?

    Going on past experience Sony has had a better track record with hardware reliability when it comes to consoles. The other plus is Blu-Ray. The main advantage of Blu-Ray is the fact that one can store much more information on a BD. So game developers can concentrate on making the game better and adding more extra features like more cars to a car game for example, instead of worrying whether the existing game will fit on the disk, or wasting time compressing data. As developers get used to writing games to the PS3 console, and as expanding disk sizes becomes more crucial to modern game development expect the PS3 to really shine and show its true potential.
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    I now have both systems. Got my 360 about a year ago and my PS3 in January. Overall I am happy with both, they each have their strengths and weaknesses but I think the PS3 has the most potential long-term...
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    360 won Cnet prizefight vs PS3 today check it out on Cnet Tv. Also article about 360 ring of death on gamespot UK watchdog did show on it.
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    Originally Posted by timr100 View Post

    360 won Cnet prizefight vs PS3 today check it out on Cnet Tv. Also article about 360 ring of death on gamespot UK watchdog did show on it.

    Well, CNet also said that the iPod got owned by the Gigabeat, so I would take what they say with a grain of salt.
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    i own both, i'd say get the 360. now i nvr thoguht i'd get a 360. i had the ps3 preordered 1 year before the release and was hyped up on it the first day that sony mentioned a ps3. but i dont like it that much, and in fact wish i didn't buy it. its a piece of junk despite its cool features, i dont like the controller, the online gaming is inferior to the 360's Live and that pretty much sums it up.

    now if u want an interesting thoguht, my dream console would be a ps3 (like the physical hardware "box"), with a 360 controller, 360 online.

    Therefore you would have games in 1080p, a bluray player, bigger hard drive, better controller, better online play, a quieter running system (ps3 runs a lot quieter than the 360). now the only problem for the ps3's future maybe (like the physical hardware) would be the 2x bluray read times. maybe if it were 4x or 8x i'd b happier ... but i think that would have to be my dream system.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,737member
    Originally Posted by Bforce3

    Its a piece of junk despite its cool features.

    Huh? You mean like the way a Ferrari is a piece of junk except for the engine and the way it looks.

    Originally Posted by Bforce3

    I dont like the controller.

    That's personal preference, Sony chose it because all their existing fan base said just keep the controller the same shape. 100 Million peeps can't be too wrong. I know a lot of people who hate the 360's controller. I don't know about that States, but in Europe I can most certainly see the PS3 coming out on top in the end.

    Originally Posted by Bforce3

    The online gaming is inferior to the 360's Live.

    The Xbox live onling gaming was abysmal when it started off. The Playstations one is only a baby right now, this time next year it will be a different animal. That and the damn thing is free.
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    I have played Resistance on my PS3 for like 10 minutes. It's strictly a Blu-ray player. A lot of gaming on the Xbox 360 though.

    They both have their nitch.
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    I am going to buy a PS3 when I get around to buying a TV. My friend has a 360, and I've experienced it in detail. It's a nice machine, but XBox live doesn't appeal to me at all. It's nagging and geared towards non-casual gamers, and besides, most of the fun of multiplayer games for me is having friends and beer nearby. As a bonus, the PS3 is much better as a multi-media device than is the Wii or Xbox 360. I find that last point difficult to oppose.

    Lastly, when Gran Turismo and FIFA come out for the PS3, I will be much more inclined to buy a TV.
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