Apple Extreme n usb hard drives FIX?

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Hi, I've seen a lot of postings about problems with the usb shared drives. I've had an evening of beating the extreme against the nearest wall but seem (fingers crossed) to have found some solutions.

I formatted both drives in mac os case-sensitive then named them in lower case in single words (store, backup).

I plugged everything back into the extreme n via a powered usb hub.

Then I turned off the extreme n, pushed in the reset and started to set up the base station as per new.

I eventually got a green light although the drives didn't show up and the airport disk utility was seeing an old name for the network (on re-install i gave it a wholly new name to differentiate).

by clicking on finder>network>"network name" i got a panel asking which drives i wanted to mount. apple+click selected the two drives and they have both mounted and stayed mounted on various power downs (sleep and restart).

from what i can gather the lower case, easy-name, case sensitive format and following the blasted instructions to the letter (ie plug everything in and THEN turn the Extreme n on) seems to have worked.

Let me know if it helps at all,

regards all



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    gdoggdog Posts: 224member
    make sure connected servers is checked under finder perferences otherwise drive won't show up on desk top even though it is mounted
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