Extendable desktop problem

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I have a 20 inch Imac with Intel Core 2 duo Processor and an advent HD-772i monitor.

I purchased the Mini DVI to DVI cable, and also a DVI-D cable to join the monitor and mac. The connector on the monitor is a DVI-I so the cable should be fine. When I join the two up the mac reads the external monitor and gives me all the available options of customising and screen arrangement and resolution etc. I can drag my mouse off the screen and over to the other but the problem is my external monitor isn't displaying anything and when I turn it off and on it simply says no input signal.

The monitor has an option of setting an analogue or digital input through the OSD but I can't access this when I plug it into the mac as the screen is blank. I use the monitor for 360 and pc so I know it works fine.

Can anyone help?
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