LCD Warm-up

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I found this Apple KB article which states that some LCD panels used by Apple need to warm up before reaching their "normal brightness". I have never heard of this before. Is this common with all LCD panels?


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    Yes, and the older a display gets, the longer the backlighting "bulbs" need to reach their max brightness. Constantly switching a TFT on and off (by using energy saver settings set to less than half an hour) will as a side effect also decrease the lifespan of the backlighting!

    On notebooks, that effect is even worse, so don't try to "save" battery life by turning the display on and off every few minutes. Decrease the brightness instead.

    Btw, the CRT monitors had to warm up as well, as you might remember. And when using colour calibration devices, you need to leave the display on for at least 30 minutes before running the calibration software.
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