12" g4 ibook battery life

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i've noticed that recently when i try charging up my 12" g4 ibook, the percentage indicator does not show any sign of recharging. i can continue to use the notebook when the ac adaptor is plugged in, but the battery never gets charged. is this common? yet, will i need to get a new battery?


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    Do you mean the apple % indicator in the menu bar? If so, download a copy of Coconut Battery. It'll give you some more detail on your battery situation and tell you if it is indeed charging. I have a 12" PB and I was using a 45W from a G3 iBook and at times it wouldn't charge even though it said it was charging. I was pretty much just using up juice faster than it could charge.

    BTW, my battery is really wonky too. My machine goes black with 30-40% battery left, and won't turn on. When I plug it in it's dead. My capacity dropped from 4135mAh to 3738mAh. Even weirder is everytime I use it till it dies, then charge it all the way, it gains 2mAh! Now I'm up to 3752mAh....
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    Reset the PMU (Power Management Unit). That should cure the not charging problem to some extent. See Apple's support pages or use google on how to do that with your specific notebook model.
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