MacBook RAM upgrade - 2x 512MB or 1x1GB + 1x256MB?

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I posted a while back about upgrading the RAM on my GF's base MacBook, and have decided that it is the best course of action having seen the slow down problems she was getting running Office undeer Rosetta with only 512M of RAM.

I have anaged to find a website in the UK that sells Apple brand memory modules for a reasonable price (unlike the Apple store!).

I know that the MacBook supports dual-channel memory, so I can't decide if it would be best to get a matching pair fo 512MB sticks to replace the two 256MB sticks that are in there already, or to get a single 1GB stick for pretty much the same price, and leave one of the 256MB sticks in the second slot. I'd rather go down the 1GB route, as it obviously makes it easy for future upgrades if necessary.

Can anyone out there quantify for me the benefit to be had from having a matching pair, and/or any disadvantage to not having a matching pair, albeit with more memory in total?

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    there has been a lot of discussion about this and if dual channel affects video performance on the Macbook...summary is, some say it does, some say it doesn't matter. I'm in the 'doesn't matter' group, my take is: get the gig stick so you can upgrade soon.
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    I used 1GB + 256MB for awhile with no problems.
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