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Looking for a universal remote that -on top of being just a remote- can act as an interface to stream media from within an apple only environment to my audio/video setup.

1) The remote should be able to control multiple devcices

2) The remote should be able to control apple's itv

3) The remote should be able to stream audio

4) The remote should be able to browse through media libraries without having to turn on an additional screen/tv

The nevo sl is able to tackle the first 3 steps without having to consider the os used

(only for first setup a windows pc would probably be required)

I am stuck with the 4th step in the process, as nevo sl uses its own dedicated software to interact with the pc. The remote uses nevomedia to stream audio via the nevo sl's screen. This app -unfortunatly- is windows only.

My question: anybody using nevo sl within a mac os environment? When used with fe apple's iTV (UPnP AV capable) can you keep the remote's streaming capabiliteis or is it then just a replacement for apple's supplied remote and would you still have to turn on a additional screen or worse your pc to browse media?

Although Philips' new TSU9600/00 has all these capabilities, it uses a beta version to talk to mac os. Support is practically unavailable and on top the remote looks rather clumsy

Thanks for your feedback

(posted on remote central as well)
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