3GSM conference

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The funny thing about calling a current phone an iPhone killer. Gives credence to the perception that the iPhone in spirit already dominates the market.

Reading about the new services being offered a common theme among them all that is different from how the iPhone will work. Services that already exist are being repurposed to work specifically within the limitations of mobile devices.

Mobile Television

Mobile Mapping

Mobile Music downloads

Mobile e-mail

Mobile YouTube

Mobile Myspace

Mobile Flickr

The approach by the iPhone is different. The front end software is being created specifically for iPhone's UI and form factor. But the back end service is the exact same as is being used on the desktop.

Here are a few phones introduced at this weeks 3GSM conference.

Sony Ericson W810 Walkman Phone


Nokia N77

Samsung Ultra Edition 2

Motorola Rizer

LG Chocolate Platinum


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    hasapihasapi Posts: 290member
    Um, that's a SE 880i not a 810 - but the point your making is valid, i was thinking the same thing - the iphone isnt even shipping for another 4 months and yet a search is on for a iphone 'killer'.

    The iphone must have inherited the ipod superiority characteristic to be embelished on a pedestal. That said, i have yet to see a product at 3GSM that i could reasonably consider as a serious contender for my purchase. (Although, a Meizu - iphone ripoff/vaporware could be a possibilty).

    Interestingly, the SE 880i 1G no wifi, no widescreen, etc, etc - no match for a 4G iphone, will be sold at a similar price (without a plan). I was going to get one to replace my K700i until the iphone arrives in Australia (early 2008).
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,588member
    iPhone junior!!!!!! nano+phone.
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