Airport Express WDS seeing 2 networks?

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I just bought another Airport Express (APX) and I'm trying to set it up as a WDS to extend my wireless signal. I have it up and running but it shows up as another wireless signal, even when I have it named as the same network name as the base unit.

I've followed the these directions:

1. If you choose to do a manual WDS configuration (as opposed to the automatic feature used in the steps above), be sure that all base stations have the same network name. Attempting to give base stations differentiated network names on a WDS network may render the network inoperable. Returning base stations to the network name of the main should return the network to operation.

2. All WDS base stations should be set to the same channel. When using automatic configuration, as in the steps above, this is done for you. However, you need to be aware of this when configuring manually. Access the channel setting by clicking the AirPort tab in AirPort Admin Utility.

3. When configuring a remote or relay manually, be sure that the "Distribute IP addresses" checkbox is not selected.

4. When you use WDS, some of each base station's capacity is used as overhead for maintaining the network. This means that if you were to measure the maximum throughput speed of your network, it would be less than when using one base station by itself.

I've set this up using a Thinkpad with its Access Connection software. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it.

Please help.


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    right now I'm in my back room the signal from the main APX is at 60% but I can switch to the remote APX and it is 100%, but they are named the same, but it just showes up as two of the same wireless networks. I thought that it should just show one, so I don't have to change networks when I change from one side of the house to the other.

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