iPod Line Out Audio Problems...

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I have a 30gig 5gen ipod and I recently ran into some trouble with it today. I plug it in to my line-in jack in my car stereo and it wouldn't play. I restarted it, checked volume, and switched songs, nothing. So I got out my head phones and plugged them in, it started to work, but I noticed something. Only on the left side. If I pushed on the jack i could get right side audio but it had to be held that way for it to work. I tried to blow in it like an NES cartridge to see if there was dust on the connector, but alas that didn't work.

Any other ideas on how to get it working again? Maybe clean the connectors I was thinking, with some alcohol, or possibly open it up and reposition the connector? I don't believe it is under warranty any more.



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    try switching the A/B sides of your casette deck in your car.

    Those car adaptors tend to work in one direction only...

    If your ipod produces sound thru your headphones then it's ok...
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