The Cisco/Apple vs. Cingular crazy theory...

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I read some articles saying that Cisco would let Apple use the iPhone name in exchange for interoperability with their VoIP phone.

While I find this strong-arm tactic an ill-spirited move in the context of trademark law, especially since Cisco wasn't using the name until a month before Apple's iPhone unveiling, I realized that maybe something else is going on here...

The Apple iPhone doesn't have built-in VoIP capabilities, and I don't think it's because Apple doesn't like VoIP, or that they want to lock people into paying Cingular for service and long-distance calls. Cingular itself is probably the culprit here, as they more than probably denied Apple from including VoIP on their iPhone. Apple didn't have much choice, the same restriction would have been a demand from all other cellphone providers.

So here's my crazy theory: Apple will try to use the Cisco lawsuit to their advantage, as they'll be able to turn around and tell Cingular: "Look, we need to have VoIP on the iPhone or we'll lose the name, we don't have much of a choice...".

Does it make sense? Or maybe my tinfoil hat is interfering with my brain waves?
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