Imac G3 Help PLZZZZZ

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ok, so i ordered a apple imac g3. its my first mac and i kno its not that great.

so i also ordered 2 512mb ram memory stcks, 100gig apple hard drive and an internal dvd drive, and lastly mac os panther. im good with putting comps. together and all, but i was just woundering how my comp will run with, videos, games, and internet. any help would be nice, thanks


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    wow... where do you "order" a computer that old ?

    In any case, It'll browse the internet and run "Office" type stuff well enough. It's ability to handle video and Flash will depend on the processor speed .... hopefully it's at least a G3-400. Even then, H264 video will probably be rough.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    We are running 10.4.8 on a G3 500 Dalmatian w/768 Mb of memory. For surfing, spreadsheets, iPhoto, watching web movies (unit has a cd-rw) it is not bad. We don't do games so I can not help you there.
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    What in the world? I am sure I posted but I am not showing up. Something going on here?

    EDIT: Whoa! That was fun. I just had some sort of cache refresh problem blended with a double topic to create some really confusing moments. Way to pull one over the ol' Ebbster...
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    drboardrboar Posts: 477member
    There are many G3 imacs ranging from 233 MHz to 600 so YMMW. I got a B&W G3/350 with 1 GB RAM for free added an HD that I got for free from a scrapped pentium III. I would never spend serious money on these old computer. Sure I can thrwo in a 1 GHz CPU a sata card, a ATI card and USB2 and FW card as well and even a DVD burner. I then have spent more money than what a dual core minimac would cost and only get a fraction of its performance...

    You seem to like to tinker with computers and then it a valid thing to do, as a hobby for fun, as opposed to a sound investement.

    Internet apps, Office and iTunes will run well enough. If you like FPS games google for Marathon Aleph, Tempus irae, Evil and you will have many hours of great fun.
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