New MacBook Pro Enclosure

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Hey, everyone. I know mention has been made on this topic in other threads, but I wanted to have a thread just for this.

What are the predictions for a new MacBook Pro inclosure? I have heard a few folks mention that they might sport the same magnetic-latchless feature that the MacBooks have, but that's about all I have seen. Will they change to the polycarbonate shell as the MacBook? I thought it would be kind of cool if they changed the MBP to the black inclosure used on the black macbook. Then they could bump up the specs on the black macbook and make it the small form factor MBP and just offer two configurations of the consumer macbook.

I know that this is probably not a likely thing to happen, but I just thought of it, and was wondering what some of the more legitimate rumors were.


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    I, for one, would like to see Apple ditch the differentiation between its consumer and pro enclosures by using one common enclosure, and have the differentiation be between screen size and other components.
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