Problems with BBEdit and last Apple update

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Has anyone else had problems with BBEdit not being able to create two copies of the same file. I have tried to make copies, and while they say they are copies they are not.

Go here to see. this works in both FireFox and Safari

__________________________________________________ __________________________

this does not work but the files are copies of eachother the only difference is that HW was created and saved before I updated my system.

onload(load )HW1.html (line 1)

[Break on this error] });\

This is what FireFox could see.

The issue is not with HW but its' javascript file. Both javascript files have the same name as thier HTML counterparts. If you nose around it is easy to find those files. Can anyone see a difference?? FireFox says that there is a "/n" at the end of line 84. But there is no such thing there I have tried Zapping, and BBEdit cannot find the issues. It would be nice if we could isolate this fast since many of us Mac developers use BBEdit. I tried cutting and pasting into 'TextEdit' only to have the same problems. I am using Transmit to FTP the files up to the site. Like I said FireFox sees no problems with the "HW" files, but does see problems in the "HW1" files, but they are copies as for as the finder and BBEdit can see. Any suggestions?? To be clear both the HTML and the javascript files are identical as far as I can tell.


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    OK I found that the problem was that there were so many bugs in the code it appears to work in one instance and one instance alone. Very strange when you have a file that works and copy that file and find that the other one does not work. I basically re-wrote everything and restarted, not that difficult, but now I have a cleaner file. I can also vouch for both BBEdit and TextMate, both are fun to use. TextMate automaticall generates brackets and that helps me with nesting issues. Basically noob, issues.

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