transfering tag info to itunes

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I have my music library in MusicMatch Jukebox and I'm trying to move over to iTunes. MMJ has custom tags that are not in itunes, which I have used extensively. I'm looking for a way to get one of these tags into some other field in iTunes. It must be a field that lets me tag mutliple tracks at once. Looking at that dialog, grouping would work for me.

This field is not supported by MMJ, so.... does anyone know of a third party tagger that would let me move the data from a MMJ field to an iTunes field? I'm thinking I could us a different field in MMJ that other people support, like composer, then use the third party tool to move that to Grouping. But I can't find any tool that lets me mass update the grouping tag.
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