Transparency In Photoshop

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Does anyone know how to make the floating windows to the right of the screen transparent, because it would be real nice to be able to see my buddy list while PS is open


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    AFAIK, Photoshop doesn't use IB documents, and I'm not sure if it's even possible from there.
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    Even if Photoshop did use nibs, you can't just flip a magical switch and make windows and objects transarent.

    Your best bet would be to use something like WindowShade X to make select windows transparent.

    Oh, and moving to software...

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    Blah, WindowShadeX, I've never even downloaded it because I like the normal minimization to the dock better, more organized and gets it out of the way.

    Plus I don't mind the moment it takes to get there and back; I like watching the animation.

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    it's not transparency, but if you're using photoshop 7, one thing you can do to minimize the menu intrusion is to separate your all your palette menus and dock as many as you can to the upper options bar. i keep most everything up there (except for the layers and navigator windows). this frees up space and still keeps menus you need occasionally in front of you....
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