Lightroom 1.0 released

in Mac Software edited January 2014
So what do you guys think about this little gem ?

On my system it just replaced Aperture. They both have great GUI, different but both great. Lightroom seems to be well coded for multicore/multiprocessors , as everytime i do something CPU intensive i see on my CPU meter that both CPU's are maxed out.

Speed at which Lightroom runs is just insane and huge improvement over Aperture. I complained about Aperture's speed over and over and was told that RAW images are just that complicated but Lightroom just shows that Apertures just isnt very well optimized. Shadows adjustment , Straightening give me pretty much real time results where Aperture would just lag like mad.

Dark gray background Lightroom uses on the palletes is very easy on the eye , just like Shake , After Effect 7.

One thing Aperture has over Lightroom is easy multi-display set up and from what i can tell it's pretty hard to get Lightroom give you FULL screen preview of the image. Even if i toggle off all of the palletes and press F twice for Full screen there's still 1 or 2 cm ( less than an inch ) black border that goes unused.

Overall best 1.0 release.... I didnt try any of the Lightroom's BETAs as i was in love with Aperture , but when retail version came out i just had to give it a try, Very , very glad i did. There goes another $200.

(btw my sys specs G5 2x2.7Ghz,4.5gb ram,6800GT)
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