Omniweb browser questions regarding Keychain name & password saving etc.

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This post is regarding Omniweb, Keychain and logging in to websites.

Last night I downloaded the newest (demo) version of the web browser Ominweb by The Omni Group.

So far, in almost every respect, I think that it's an awesome browser.

I normally use Firefox 2, but Firefox has been annoying me, especially with how slow it works doing certain things, and how it seems to use so much processor power, even for basic tasks, which sucks.

Omniweb is FAST and very responsive so far!


In Omniweb, when you want to save a user name and password for a Forum (so you can log in automatically or always be logged in) it does so in OS X's Keychain utility.

Cool. I have no complaints about that.

However, my Keychain is messed up and I can't save any log in info for websites in Keychain.

When I log in to a music forum I regularly use, Omniweb asks

When I choose Save, Omniweb says

I remember deleting the only 4 Keychain items in "a," but I don't recall deleting the actual Keychain.

This is a screenshot of my "a" Keychain. It's empty, has no icon and is not unlockable, as the lock is not clickable.

So, Omniweb, in the above screen capture, gives the choice to "Reset To Defaults."

When I click "Reset To Defaults," Omniweb says

So, I see the other Keychains, such as X509Anchors in the above Keychain screenshot, but I don't know what I have to do to 'add them back again,' if those are even Keychain items that Omniweb means. And I don't know if Reseting the "a" Keychain is going to mess with those other Keychain items in the separate Keychains.

I was able to log in to that music forum, but not saving the info to Keychain, so I have to log in manually every time.

I was obviously able to log in to Apple Insider, but Omniweb didn't ask if I'd like to save my log in info, and choosing "Remember Me" didn't remember me, either. So every time I log in to Apple Insider, I have to do so manually.

I tried logging in to one of my YouTube accounts, but with Omniweb, I can't even log in. When I enter my name and password then try to log in, it directs me back to the log in page

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This sucks.

Someone help!

What do I do?


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    OK, YouTube log in is successful and Apple Insider saves my log in info -- I had to allow Cookies.

    My Keychain still isn't usable, though.

    So, Keychain help, anyone? Suggestions?
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