Quality of CORSAIR memory - 2 x 1GB sticks for $170...?

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Seems to be quite a good deal. I have a MB Core Duo that I want to upgrade from 512mb to 2gb.


The memory labeled as specifically for Mac notebooks, but I'd like to know if there is any reason not to buy such cheap memory.

And of course if anyone has a better suggestion about where to pick up 2 1gb sticks that would be just great.


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    Corsair memory is superior. I've had nothing but great experiences going back to when I built my Windows rig with their low latency XMS memory to when I upgraded my MBP with their ValueSelect.

    My guess is that they rebranded their ValueSelect PC2 5300 set with Mac specific packaging so that's definitely a good deal. Since the regular Newegg price for the Mac memory is $179, my guess is Corsair was trying to charge more for the same product because of the Mac packaging, but no one was dumb enough to buy it so Newegg dropped the price. Definitely a great price. I wholly support buying from Newegg, but if you can find Corsair's 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) 2x1GB anywhere else for cheaper, I'd go with it.
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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    Corsair is good memory. Nothing but good experiences here.
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    Wow, thanks for the heads up.
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    greg sgreg s Posts: 16member
    This is now pretty much a steal. The price has gone down significantly since then from $170 to the current price of $85 on newegg.com. Good stuff.
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