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I am trying to load My copy of Microsoft Windows XP Home edition (includes serivice pack 1) Onto my computer using boot camp.

Here is the problem

And I can't change anything because its locked or something.

How do I make it so I Can change this and partition my hard drive so I can finish installing boot camp?

If someone can please help me. I can take more pictures and if you want you can write me on AIM, SN bayareaasfan.

Thanks so much!


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    Anyone know?
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    I think it has to be service pack 2. On the disk, not added after installation.
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    This happens when the disk is more than half full of data. As the error message says, the only solution is to back up / clone your entire disk (using CarbonCopyCloner, for example) to a second hard drive (external FireWire disk). Then format the first disk and restore everything from the backup disk to the internal disk. Only after this you'll be able to make the BootCamp partition.

    And yes, you will need a XP CD with SP2!
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    It says I can use,

    "A bona fide installation disc for Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 2, Home or Professional "

    I interperate this as, i can use either microsft windows xp, or service pack 2, or home, or professional. Not windows xp with service pack 2 or home with SP2 OR PROFESSIONAL WITH SP2. Or else can someone reccomend a good place to get a good version of windows XP that will work for a good price. I don't think I want to upgrade to vista. I heard there are some problems with Boot Camp and Vista.
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    No, you're completely wrong here. There is no such thing as a "Windows XP only CD"! BootCamp requires:

    a) Windows XP Home with SP2 CD


    b) Windows XP Professional with SP2 CD

    You need your own, legal license for BootCamp, the cheapest way to get this is to buy a "SBV CD of Windows XP Home". This means: System Builder Version (also called OEM version) that comes without all the booklets and things, just the CD and the license. That's all you need, really.
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