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I have about 220 GB of music coded with AppleLossLess on an external hard drive because my computer is only 110 GB, so I can't put in on the main drive. When I try to add the Folder containing this music to the iTunes Library, it only loads a portion of the files--it only goes to and adds the files starting in A--it doesn't load files beginning in B or beyond. Anyone else have this problem and hopefully the solution. I've reloaded iTunes. I've started with an empty library, etc. without success.


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    When you say "I try to add the Folder containing this music to the iTunes Library" do you mean you changed the iTunes Music folder location in iTunes preferences/advanced?
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    You can either move the iTunes Library to your external hard drive so iTunes doesn't make an attempt to copy all those mp3's to your main hard drive. Do this by changing the location under the advanced preferences tab under itunes preferences.

    Or you can just make sure that the "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" is not checked. This option can be found in advanced preferences also.
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