My father is upgrading to Vista

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ok so probably not the best place to ask this, but you all are smart and im sure you can help me. ok so, i wasnt there when he did this, but he put in the vista ultimate disc and selected upgrade, it said that there might be compatibility issues with some drivers and programs. he went ahead and started the installation. my main concern is that 2 of the drivers which may not work are the nVidia one and the sound card one. is this going to be a problem? my father left on vaction and im supposed to return home tomorrow and finish the installation (he thought it would be done before his taxi arrived to take him to the airport, but it took longer, so he asked me to finish it when i returned)

thanks, just want to know what im in for


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    there amya also be big problems with broadband drivers.

    Good luck with the mess called vista
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    hahaha... yeh, "The Wow Starts Now"

    (well, that's their advertising motto in Australia anyway)
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    I sure hope your dad is a nice guy and doesn't blame you for the inevitable screw up that is going to happen when a Windows machine is updated
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