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Its about the time where apple should be updating the iPods, I dont think it will be physical changes it might. What would you guys see in the future for a new line of iPod 6G? Maybe there will be a physical change:

Features I think should be incorporated:


A screen capable of at least 100,000 Colors (Current 65,000)

Possibly a Wider range of HDD like 50gb (Current 30/80)

A radio feature, I find thats a strong component in the Creative Zen Line and M Zune (Current: None)

More robust metal back, way to many scratchs.

A Mic. Possibly (Totally not neccessary but is nice) creative zen offers them.

Bluetooth enabled iPod (Pointed out by Jaddie)


A security system in the Software so that if stolen it would be harder for the theif to crack.

Able to Sync an iPod with any computer just to play songs off it.


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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    I bet you'll be able to make phone calls on future iPods...
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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    All iPod lines were updated in the past 5 months: they are not in any need for refreshing right now. The iPod is a mature product and doesn't require a refresh more than once per year. It is true that the iPod has looked the same for 16 months, and it is about time to see a design change, but I (and many others) would guess that this won't happen until the fall.
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    jaddiejaddie Posts: 110member
    Dear Friends

    What's holding back a Bluetooth iPod?

    I use my iPod only when working out at the gym. I've snagged my earbud cord on equipment perhaps more than a hundred times. Today my earbuds finally died.

    I've been walking fast on the treadmill when my flailing arms send the iPod ten to twenty feet away from me.

    My iPod is about three years old and I'm holding out for a wireless model. I understand that there are some third-party solutions, but I'd like to just wait until Apple creates a wireless iPod.

    Is it going to happen? If so, when?


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    There gonna need refreshing to keep up with competition, dont get me wrong Apple holds the majority of the MP3 player share, and is still a nice peice of technology, and most people that dont have an iPod are ones that hate Apple, but slowly I know a few people that are switching off ipods because the others are offering better technology. You need to advancing and making your product better than the other inorder for it to stay #1. So I think there needs to be a change. I have a Mac, along time I bought an MP3 player, and now that I have a mac I want an iPod only for its compatibilty, otherwise I don't mind it being alittle more bulky for it being packed with extra features. Compatibility is the only thing stopping me from buying one of the others.
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    Originally Posted by Jaddie View Post

    ...I've snagged by earbud cord on equipment perhaps more than a hundred times. ...

    Get a Shuffle and clip it to your ear?
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    xflarexflare Posts: 199member
    A larger screen on the Nano would be better.
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    eckingecking Posts: 1,588member
    I want an ipod with the iphone touch screen. if not, I want at least a 3 inch screen video ipod, i don't even care if the face is done zune style. I really want a bigger screen.
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