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Hi everyone,

Well I think this is my first thread here!

I'm just wonder how many of us are addicted to instant messaging? Usually the first thing I do when I start up my Mac or wake it up is log into MSN and iChat. Recently it's been brought to my attention that I'm not as efficient or productive as I could be, and I think a big problem is that I'm forever having superfluous conversations with people, or being interrupted by "how r u?" messages jumping up from nowhere.

So today I decided to stop cold. I closed iChat and MSN and removed them from the Dock. I've got soo much done today! However, while I'm getting on with word in Word and other applications, I keep looking down at the Dock to see if anyone has sent me an IM.

Anyone else think they spend too much time on IM?

~ AO


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    I think I spend too much time on AI.
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    I barely instant message but I am a text messaging fool. Does that count?
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    I'm old skool. I'm not much into IM and text messaging is useful but prefer actual phone conversations, or since I am a fan of the written word, well-worded eMails.

    IM'ing is like so abstract.

    I am however, very hooked on AppleInsider. Let's just say I'm a poster formerly known as ....... I don't however hang out in any other forums.

    I'm more bored with Internet mostly, it swaps and moves. Excited about Apple, but generally InternetBoredomSyndrome with the rest of the stuff.

    I started a blog as an online journal to rant since AI forums not always best place for that.
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