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Can anyone tell me if there is a list of Intel-ready apps or apps that will definitely function well under Rosetta available anywhere? Apple told me no, but I can't believe someone out there hasn't been compiling one.

The reason I ask is that installed a lot of my PPC apps blindly and bogged my system down to a crawl. Now I'm being really careful what I install, but would like to install as much of the PPC software (that doesn't have an Intel version) as I can on my Mac Pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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    smaxsmax Posts: 361member
    Any program that is under active development (like programmers are still working on it) should have a universal version available by now. this may not hold true for large programs like Photoshop and Office, but as long as you get good recent programs you shouldn't have a problem.

    You will run in to PPC programs that will need to run on Rosetta, but in most cases they are like that for a reason: Lack of a good set of programmers willing to work on them. Get newer programs.

    As for the list, I haven't seen one.
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    Originally Posted by nyc2phx View Post

    Apple told me no

    Apple have a list of universal apps on their website:

    but they wouldn't be able to say if an app will run well under Rosetta.

    Here's a couple of other lists:
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