cant print anymore!!!! HELP ME must print out test for school!

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okay i have printed with my mac lots, today i put the mac reinstall cd to put on x11 and i accidetnally installed everything on there, so all language packages as well as x11, some printer drives went on too. thats the only thing i could think of that would screw it up. i tried to print tonight, it wouldnt it would say job stopped, no matter how much i tried i could not make it start up again, then i deleted printer and tried to re add and got error -9672


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    santasanta Posts: 67member

    What model of Mac?

    What OS?

    What make & model of printer do you have?

    Have you removed it from the power supply for several minutes?

    Have you disconnected the usb cable, powered off printer and turned computer off, replaced the cable, powered up?

    Have you searched on the manufacturers website for printer software?

    Have you re-installed the printer software from the/any supplied disk?

    You could try Printer Setup Repair....


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