Screen is dead

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Well, a while back I cracked the screen on my 5th Gen Video iPod. So, no big deal, I order a new one from eBay and plop it in. Doesn't work. It lights up solid white when I restart the iPod, so I retry it and nothing happens.

I oder a new one, it shows up on my door today. I put it in, hook it up to my comp, comp recognizes that something is connected, doesn't show up in iTunes. I can hear the harddrive spinning, but it's not on the iTunes menu. And the most noticable problem, screen is still dead. I know the thing has power, the harddrive works. But the screen still won't work.

Anybody know what to do?

P.S. The warranty is extremely void and I'd rather not buy a new iPod.
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