atsserver going crazy-G4 iMac 700mHz 10.4.8

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
G4 iMac 700mHz 10.4.8, 1gig ram

I just recently started having a problem.

It seems to only occur when I do this one action.

I'm trying to send an mail with an attachment (an Adobe CS Illustrator EPS file). It does not occur when I am sending email with other attachments or without attachments (I've checked it several times with different attachments). I've tried recreating the EPS file. The continues to occur with the new version of the file (having trashed the old version thinking maybe it was a corrupt file).

The problem occurs when I click to attach the file. Suddenly the entire system locks up. When I look at the activity monitor while this is happening what is taking place is that something called atsserver suddenly starts eating up all the CPU. Mail goes non-responsive and I have to quit Mail through the activity monitor before I can do anything else.

I never had this problem before does anyone know why it is happening and what I can do to cure it.

Thanks very much.
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