Keynote Assistance?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
hey guys,

im doing an instructional speech for school and i need some help with a keynote animation. im gonna have an empty diagram in the background and introduce the parts of the diagram one by one. (for example i will have a dotted line pic of a car and then bring in the engine, tires, by one). But as i introduce each piece i want it to fly into the screen, hover in the middle very largely for a moment and then swoosh to a smaller form at its place on the diagram (big pic of tires fills the screen..."these are tires and they" and they go to their space),

Does anyone know how to do this or know any good third party animators that would have that? i looked at jumpsoft, which seemed nice, but wasnt sure it had exactly what i was looking for.

thanks for your help!



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