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Quite simply I am looking for the best audio editing and general audio encoding program available for the mac in the <$500 bracket. It is to be used in an AVID xpress editing suite to edit and resample sound and music in wave, mp3, and quicktime formats.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I believe you might want to try BIAS Peak (they offer several versions, depending on your needs). Check it out.
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    Are you using OS X or OS 9? A lot of audio stuff is still catching up, and that will make a difference in your choice obviously.
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    Peak is a good suggestion, or maybe TC Spark (which I prefer).
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    Sorry everone. Been away for a few days. We are running OS 9.1 at the moment with Avid Xpress 4.0.1 Does those pose any compatability problems with the recommended software? Thanks for your advice so far. The recommendations all look very good.
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