video chats--is it just me or is the quality shit?

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I've tried iChat and Skype. I have cable and 10.4.8 and a MacBook Core 2 Duo. My parents have an iBook G4 and a Logitech webcam I got this Christmas, which they enabled with iChatUSBCam and macam. Same with my sister at McGill who has an iBook and the same webcam. We all have broadband and 10.4.8. Does anyone else have this problem? Apparently I come in smoothly, but my parents and sister don't. 0.5 fps. Maybe it's the logitech? It says 30 fps though. Maybe it's because it's a jury-rigged driver? (macam). I just wish I could see my dad and sister in more than 0.5 fps!


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    what exactly do you plan on doing with your sister that requires more than 0.5 fps?
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    Originally Posted by soulcrusher View Post

    what exactly do you plan on doing with your sister that requires more than 0.5 fps?

    Um...0.5 frames per second is really shitty. Consider that shitty Saturday morning cartoons are generally 8-12 fps.

    But alas -- the answer to the original poster's question:

    The quality of video is only limited by YOUR internet connection and the person's internet connection with which you are chatting. If EITHER of you have a shitty connection, you could both be getting shitty video. If both people are on blazing T3 lines, the video chat will be as clear as day.

    Might I also mention that the US broadband customer pays on average $40 for a 3-5mps line whereas most places in Europe and Asia offer 100mps for $40. The US needs to get with the program.
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    Also ensure that no other bandwdith hungry programs are running. I often have bittorrent running and must pause this before conducting a video conference or else the conference is ultra-crap, and often just refuses to start.
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    Yep, It's all about bandwidth.

    I can vid-chat within my own network (using iChat) and the other end looks as good as my "own" video.

    Now, move the chat to the INTERNET, and the video quality I recieve (and that the other person recieves from me) drops drastically.

    Sometimes into the 1 fps arena, but usually still manages what seems to be 4-5fps or so.
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