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I'm planning on buying a dock with speakers for my 80GB iPod, but I was concerned about the effect it'll have on the battery life.

If I constantly have the iPod on the dock, will this have an enormous effect on the battery life?


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    dentondenton Posts: 725member
    I think Apple suggests that you discharge the battery once per month (I believe that Apple defines this as using 100% charge each month, though that doesn't have to be all at the same time -- ie, "use 50%, charge, use 20%, charge, use 30%, charge" would be a full discharge). I don't remember anything about whether leaving it plugged in is bad. I would think that it's the same as leaving a notebook plugged in all of the time. Unless someone else thinks otherwise, I would say, don't worry about it.

    Edit: here is Apple's FAQ on iPod batteries. The gist is that my comments above are correct.
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    Is the dock powered by the iPod or does it charge the iPod?
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