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I've been considering buying a Macbook Pro for a long time, but I've never owned a Mac before. Since I am a casual PC game player, I was wondering how the games will run on the Macbook Pro (2GB, 2.33 ghz) with Bootcamp/Parallels?

If they are capable of running smoothly, I will definitely buy one so anything advice would be much appreciated!


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,168moderator
    Most modern games run smoothly on the Macbook Pro but you will have to use Bootcamp. Contrary to what a lot of people think, Bootcamp is not really a program to run Windows, it only helps to install it. The actual installation of Windows is just like installing it on a PC. So these days, buying a Mac is buying a Mac + PC.

    I've run Half-Life 2 at near maximum quality on an iMac, which has the same spec as the MBP and at full resolution. I played Prey at nearly full quality too. F.E.A.R had to be turned down a notch but it was very smooth when it was tweaked and still looked great.

    I've heard that Splinter Cell Double Agent doesn't play well because the X1600 card is not Shader Model 3 compatible but that's a pretty high end game.
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    neyoungneyoung Posts: 26member
    You'll definitly want to use BootCamp for gaming. Parallels doesn't have hardware acceleration which will really hinder your performance in games. BootCamp however has full support for hardware acceleration and will run things great on a MBP.
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    I am currently using Parallels and from what I noticed, they only allocate 16MB for graphic memory in Parallels so yeah unless you are playing Solitaire, you won't really play any modern 3D Intensive Games.
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    I have a MBP 2.0 Core Duo running bootcamp. I've played Half life 2, F.E.A.R, Supreme Commander,PREY, and War Hammer 40k on my MBP, and all of them have ran very smooth. I was able to get up to 102 fps with the FEAR demo stress test.
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