AppleTV-Is there a way to convert HDMI/Component to RCA/S-Video?

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I am purchasing Apple's AppleTV this week and I have a HDTV which will work fine with the HDMI or the Component Video outs but I just wish they had a RCA Video out or S-Video out for a standard TV that I wish to hook another AppleTV to.

My question, is there some type of converter that can convert either HDMI video or Component Video into S-Video or RCA Video?


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    Simply put, no, there isn't.

    Technically, they do exist, but they cost far more than the Apple TV itself does. What you'll find is that the Apple TV is designed to work only with widescreen TVs. You'd not only have to get a signal converter (which is expensive), but also an aspect ratio converter (also expensive) to letterbox the Apple TV's output onto your 4:3 TV AND a progressive to interlaced converter (cha ching) for your TV to even make a usable picture.

    You might as well buy a widescreen TV.
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