iSync with Sony Ericsson k790 cell phone

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It, as it turns out, is among a short-list of non-supported SE bluetooth phones. There's a patch I've found through google for enabling this, but I don't quite trust the site with my credit card.

Anyone know of another way to make this possible?


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    OK, make sure you DELETE YOUR PAIRING before trying any of this... It is a bit of hacking, but hey, it's free. Here's a start, you may be able to make something of it. Modify the Nokia bits for your SE model...
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    My pairing?
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    Originally Posted by blackwave View Post

    My pairing?

    When you set up your phone for iSync, you need to do the Bluetooth Setup Device - this is called "pairing".

    I can't help too much from over here but the links show how you "hack" the iSync software so that you "force" it to recognize your phone.

    You have to "delete" the "pairing" first because after you "hack" the iSync then re-pairing the phone should "unlock" more features.
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    OK for the K790 you can purchase, probably as you found from:


    OR you can do this hack:

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    EXCELLENT! That worked brilliantly.

    Now, too bad this phone has a joystick. Ugh.
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    Heh. Cool ... I love my SonyEricsson "nipple". I can't stand any other phones like Nokia or Moto after using the SE T630 and now my v600i.
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