Horizontal lines across screen - logic board?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

A couple months ago my powerbook g4 froze, a few lines came across the screen, i manually shut it down and it wouldn't restart. I took it to the apple store and they said the logic board needed to be replaced. I got the board replaced but the lines are still across the screen. I once again took it to the apple store and the person scheduling appointments for the genius bar said it sounded like the logic board may have be installed improperly. But, when i spoke to the mac genius he said that physical damage caused a pinch of my video cable that runs from the logic board to the screen. He came to this conclusion because the lines change color when i move my monitor to different angles. But, the two lines are always in the exact same spot.

I am wondering if the mac genius' assesment of my problem sounds correct. I have plenty of nicks on my powerbook, but I don't know if its reasonable that i did so much damage to the laptop that the metal bent and pinched my video cable. Also, it seems like the screen rotates on its own two pivot points, so i dont see how its rotation could affect the video cable. Furthermore, it seems strange to me that the lines would occur simultaneously as the logic board failure and the two not be related. The reason why this is important is because I paid the flat rate service repair, which does not cover physical damage, but will cover repairs if the logic board was installed improperly.

Also, if you buy repair service and you still have problems with your computer, are you guarenteed a reevaluation of the problems with the computer. I feel uncomfortable that the mac genius figured out what was the cause of an internal problem with my computer, without looking inside of it.
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