Which Drive Enclosure?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I want to take an old hard drive from my G4 and put it in an external case. However, the drive requires a 50-pin connection and all of the cases I have found have smaller pin connectors. I think the issue is that my 100 GB Apple drive is SCSI and the other drives are IDE (?).

Is there a case that I can use to house my old drive? I have data on there that I don't want to lose.



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    Apart from an enclosure you'll need a SCSI to IDE converter - about $80 !

    This is not a good idea. Assuming that it's really a SCSI drive, copy its contents onto an external Firewire drive. (The one I use is the Seagate 500GB from DABS because it runs real quiet and cool).

    Then wipe your SCSI drive and sell it on eBay to someone who desperately needs one. They are becoming rare and you'll probably get enough dough to make a nice big dent in the cost of the Firewire drive.
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