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yello everyone im new to the forum and i got a prob

i have to make a little movie for school so naturaly i use imovie to make it

i recently updated to version 10.2 jaguar and now when i started up imovie it said "camera is not connected"

this cant be because my camera was connectid via firewire and the camera was on so that can't be the prob, when i worked with version 10.1 i didnt haven any prob with it i started up imovie and i could get to work but now i cant.

so im asking your for advice


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    Welcome to AppleInsider

    Unfortunately, I seem to recall reading reports that a small number of cameras have broken support with the 10.2 update. What brand and model of video camera is it that you are trying to connect?

    Oh, I hate to move anyone's very first post, but important tech support questions typically get a better response in the <a href=""; target="_blank">Genius Bar</a>. I'm moving this thread there now...
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