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I've got a 30 inch Apple Cinema Display that recently develped a dark cloud going horizontally just below the halfway point down the monitor. It now takes up roughly 20% of the screen. Kinda disconcerting to say the least. Anyway I can't spare the time to get it looked at till Wednesday but just wondered if anyone else had any similar experience with something like this. The monitor is still under warranty thankfully, but only till the end of the month.

Also if anyone has any tips on not getting shafted by stingy support in case they take a hard line on this, though it seems so extreme they'd have to do something about it.



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    ricksbrainricksbrain Posts: 517member
    No similar problem, but it sounds like the backlight is on the fritz.
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    spindriftspindrift Posts: 674member
    I have have noticed this a couple of times with my 30"er. I figured it was down to software because I only ever see it (and it's not very often) after the computer has put the screen to sleep. Tap the power button on the side of the screen and the problem is fixed.
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    idzillaidzilla Posts: 7member
    Just tried SpinDrift's idea and unfortunately no change. (sigh)

    If only it could have been so easy. Thanks for the idea though
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