Stop cashing in on Apple's branding success.

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MacCNN reports the following:

BBC preps alternative to Apple's iTunes

Quite frankly things like this really rub me up the wrong way. Although I am a fan of a lot of things the BBC does, this just winds me up. I have no problem with them creating a software media player, the BBC has numerous radio stations and excellent DJ shows that I would love to be able to get on iTunes, but why call it iPlayer for frig sake?

I know Apple can't possibly own the rights to everything starting with a lower case 'i', but there are far too many iShite products out there cheapening the branding of the good Apple iSuff. Why can't people think of something for themselves rather than just try and piggy-back off Apple?

I know from a marketing point of view it's probably a good idea, but grrr anyway!


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    yamayama Posts: 427member

    What's the betting this either won't be available on the Mac or will use DRM'ed WMV files that won't work on an iPod?

    The way BBC management seems to work these days, I'd say the chances are pretty high
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