custom/user fields in itunes 7

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

i am in process of switching to mac from pc, and to itunes 7 from j river media center and have a question about tagging/fields. in j river media center you can create your own fields, but as far as i am aware you cannot do so in itunes. i am aware that some people using itunes add tagging info to other fields that there are in itunes such as comment, grouping, etc. to help with searches. so i have a couple questions about this:

(i) does anyone know if apple is planning to introduce custom fields to itunes? i don't mind going ahead with entering information into the fields that itunes has, but don't want to start on this if custom fields are on the way

(ii) is there any way of getting the info from fields/tags i have created in JRMC such as country, era, subgenre, label, etc. over to the fields/tags in itunes, or will i have to enter these again?


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