Changed CRT resolution, screen went black and I can't undo this. Any suggestions?

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I changed my CRT screen resolution to a different setting and right away, the screen went black. Furthermore, I couldn't undo this so I had to shutdown the computer using the power switch (and in the process, I think I messed up my HD. I ran disk ultitly after and it said it couldn't repair the disk or permissions and there was an awful lot of warnings in red text.). I had to create a new Tiger UNIX account and drag over all of my files by booting into the classic partition, navigating the hard drive partitions and copying and moving files.

What I would like to know is what does one do when you change your screen resolution to one your CRT doesn't support and the screen goes dark? Is there a way to undo this?

Also, is there a way to reset the screen resolution? I was thinking of deleting a preference file but not sure which one or if its a good idea.

One last comment. I was shocked that I could see and copy all of my files in my Tiger account while booted into classic (I loaded classic on a seperate partition). I even have my account set up via privilages so that no one in another Tiger account can get into my account.

- Mark
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