Macbook battery not recognized

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I have a 2.0ghz core duo Macbook, and basically the problem is that the battery indicator now has a black X in it, indicating that there is no battery. This first occurred after I had intentionally ran down the battery until the system went to sleep, as Apple recommends for battery maintainence once a month. I have tried resetting the PRAM and reseating the battery, but the indicator still just shows a black X. From what I've read on Apple's website, I should bring it to an Apple store at this point, but if this is avoidable somehow, that would help me out tremendously.


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    smaxsmax Posts: 360member
    Take it in to a store, this seems to happen randomly on a few computers and should be covered under warranty.
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    hi_qhi_q Posts: 31member
    If you havnt already, try using a little Isopropyl Alcohol on the contacts of the battery with a Q-Tip, or soft cotton swab.

    Also, check to make sure the RAM / Hard Drive Door is firmly seated and screwed in. If you have recently replaced your RAM or Hard Drive, sometimes non-secure screws will cause improper battery seating. When you seat a battery, dont be afraid to give it a little shove when you put the contact side in. You can use a bit of reasonable force on the battery , sliding the contacts in snugly. At work ( I work on MacBooks at Apple's Refurb facility ) I can solve this problem by the above mentioned trick with a good chance of success.

    And like stated above... if its under warranty, bring it to the nearest Apple Store opr call AppleCare. Let me know if any suggestions worked.
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