How can an OS have problems?

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This may seem to be a silly question, but it's one I have been pondering on for a while. If someone has been using XP for six year now and have had little or no trouble with it, and yet someone else who has used it the same has had more trouble -- how is that? And how is it that some people go by without MS OS X never crashing, but others can manage to do it more then once. Is this a user error, a programming error, a hardware error, or a combination of both?

Could someone give me an example of a programming error, or something, that could lead to a kernel panic or a system crash? Or could even those be caused by user error/hardware problems?


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    alconralconr Posts: 9member
    a lot of the time, windows crashes when I am doing intensive stuff.. for instance, running matlab in a (accidental) non terminating loop and running other programs.. then trying to close it..

    It seems that systems "crash" for 2 reasons.. 1)people messing with them, doing complicated tasks; and, 2)program compatibility

    my mom installed IE7 and that somehow screwed up Word Perfect, so it couldnt print.. no matter what I did..

    Also, I find a lot of people who are just ignorant.. and dont really have any problems.. they are unaware of the viruses on their computer, and havent questioned why boot up time has increased 5 fold since they bought it.. also to note, if their computer screws up.. they are much more likely do dismiss it and forget about it.

    honestly.. I use windows/linux.. each has benefits and drawbacks.. windows runs a lot slower, and stutters a lot.. for instance, web pages don't work sporadically and i have to close the browser and start over to fix it..

    Just little ticks..

    as far as the blue screen of death.. I have had that twice? but I am pretty cautious about what I install on my computer and "clean" it often..
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
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    :-D Thanks guys.
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    leonardleonard Posts: 528member
    Not everybody runs the same third party software, the same version of third party software, the same device drivers, and in the case of windows the same hardware. What works on one computer doesn't work on another.

    Sort of reminds me of a school project I and a friend did in University. Programming project. We both pretty much coded the project the same except for a couple of lines, mine worked fine, his kept on bombing. He even tried it with my code and it kept on bombing on him. He needed the result of the programming to give the prof. I believe he gave the prof. his programming and had to explain the problem.
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