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Hi all!

I'm running OS 10.2.2 on my Ibook 12" 700 MHz with 640 megs of Ram

I burn lots of Audio CDs (from a MP3 source, usually 192 Kbps or higher bit rate) with the burner, using Toast Ti 5.1.4 or ITunes 3.0.1, but I'm having trouble on the CDs:

when I play them on my stereo (Nad CD player) I usually get some blanks for half a second or even less, randomly put on the CDs, but usually within the first 10 minutes or so. Tried yesterday some CDs with a friend's CD Player (Micromega), and it was awfull: disks skipped really bad, even worse than on my CD player.

So, is it because the burning itself is bad ? i.e. running other apps while burning, surfing the net, using Mail and so on ?

What should i do ?



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    I suspect the problem is with the CDs themselves. Both iTunes and Toast are pretty solid and work fine even when the CPUs are maxed out with other work (I know; I've tried).

    What kind of CDs are you using? Are they a cheap brand? Some brands perform better than others. I once got a few spindles from Office Depot and every single CD from them was just *horrible*. Also, you can sometimes just get a bad spindle where some CDs just won't play back properly.

    First, I'd suggest you try burning a few CDs while not doing anything else on the computer. If they still skip, try a different brand of CDs. Often the cheapest CDs will be the worst (as with my Office Depot ones). If switching brands still doesn't help, you might want to try converting the MP3s to AIFFs and burn them instead. That should ease the load on the computer during burn because it won't have to decode the MP3. Beyond that, I'm not quite sure what to suggest.
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    Thks Brad

    I'll try what you suggest, first burning without any load on the CPU apart from the burning.

    i'm usually using cheap CDs so I'll try switching for a more expansive brand as well to test if it's got any effect on the quality of the burning!

    thks again, i'll let you know!

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    Oh Brad, second thought about my problem: will reducing the burning speed to 1x or 2x instead of 8x have any effect on the burning quality ?

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    [quote]Originally posted by yogixfromparis:

    <strong>Oh Brad, second thought about my problem: will reducing the burning speed to 1x or 2x instead of 8x have any effect on the burning quality ?


    I was just about to suggest this because it can help. Just be warned, sometimes 4X is better than 2X and 1X is best of all. It can be strange. On my mahcine 8, 4 & 1X burns are all fine, but 2X don't work in my CD player (although they do work in others.)
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