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Does anyone have any suggestions on some free software available that is quick and relatively easy to use for transfering DVDs to Ipod?


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    Originally Posted by BlueMeanie23 View Post

    Does anyone have any suggestions on some free software available that is quick and relatively easy to use for transfering DVDs to Ipod?

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    Need one to run on Windows.
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    Check versiontracker
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    Originally Posted by BlueMeanie23 View Post

    Need one to run on Windows.


    maybe its just me, but it looks very like they do a windows version?

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    Originally Posted by BlueMeanie23 View Post

    Does anyone have any suggestions on some free software available that is quick and relatively easy to use for transfering DVDs to Ipod?

    Just a nit.... but it's iPod and not Ipod.
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    I think i cann't help you to find a free software to transfer DVDs to Ipod, but i suggest you should have a try PQ DVD to iPod Converter

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    Popcorn 2 is great for most everything.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 16,937member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Popcorn 2 is great for most everything.

    Not if a DVD is copy protected.
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    Originally Posted by SDW2001 View Post

    Not if a DVD is copy protected.

    mac the ripper... THEN.. handbreak
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    Originally Posted by BlueMeanie23 View Post

    Does anyone have any suggestions on some free software available that is quick and relatively easy to use for transfering DVDs to Ipod?

    Go to: http://zunerama.com/forum/index.php?topic=711.0

    Go to section near start entitled "Step 1: Getting the Necessary Programs"

    Click "Link for DVD Decrypter" (choose any download "mirror", select your C Drive storage path) + hit download

    (Go Back to above page link)

    Click "Link for Super" (choose any download "mirror", select your C Drive storage path for Super) + hit download

    (next step)

    Remembering your storage location, click on each pf the above 2 programmes and install each, remembering to create a shortcut for your desktop.

    (Note: DVD Decrypter installs quickly, Super may take up to 20 mins).

    Then . . .

    1, Open DVD Decrypter & Insert DVD (in preparation)

    2, Select "Mode" from toolbar & check "IFO Mode"

    3, Select: "Tools" > "Settings" > "IFO Mode" > "File Splitting" (change from 1 GB to "None").

    4, Select output location (Example: C:/ Documents & Settings/ My Documents/ My Music)

    [Output Location should ALWAYS be somewhere on C: drive, Do not Select an External Drive in your "Output Location" as USB technology is too slow for this program]

    5, "Click" Button displaying a shiny DVD within a horizontal rectangle (at bottom of DVD Decrypter window, on main screen).

    6, Gauge % Progress of DVD Rip taking place, (this should take about 10 mins), wait for "tinny" Jingle to play upon reaching 100%

    7, Close "DVD Decrypter" immediately.

    8, Open "Super" (it notoriously takes around 90 secs to open).

    9, Then immediately Minimise it to your toolbar on bottom of your screen.

    10, Briefly re-read step 4 of this guide (this being step 10) and go to your "Output Location" (Where "DVD Decrypter" sent your Decrypted DVD).

    [You may have chosen a different file storage path on C: than the example I gave at step 4]

    11, Put "Stream Information" file in recycle bin, you won't need this and (whilst holding down "left-click" on mouse) move the several GB "VOB" file, over the top of the minimised "Super", on toolbar at foot of your screen (DO NOT RELEASE LEFT CLICK MOUSE YET).

    12, Super will immediately open and go full screen, (whilst still holding down left mouse click with your finger), move cursor to empty grey box on the now opened "Super" window. (THE STORAGE PATH OF THE DECRYPTED "VOB" FILE WILL APPEAR IN THIS GREY BOX).

    13, On the top left corner of the "Super" Window, you will see a field requesting you to "Select the Output Container". Select basic "Apple iPod" option from this list

    [IGNORING THE "Apple iPod Generation 5.5" OPTION, IMMEDIATELY BELOW IT]. Despite having an 80 GB 5.5 Gen iPod myself, I ignore this option as it creates a "letterbox" effect on the iPod screen, (which you simply don't want when the iPod screen is 2.5 inches).

    14, Now, Briefly "right click", mouse and the "Specify The Output Destination Folder" window will appear, go to the "Browse To Save The Rendered File?", (Select "C:/ Documents & Settings/ My Document/ My Music. Or wherever you saved the DVD Decrypter file to, in step 4), Confirm file path of where you want file sent to.

    15, Hit the "Encode (Active Job-List Files)" field (immediately below the main grey field in the "Super" window).

    16, minimise "Super" and let it do it's thing (this may take up to 3 and a half hours)

    17, If a field opposite the "Encode (Active Job-List Files)", highlights in red saying "ERROR, there was a problem whilst encoding file" DO NOT CLICK ON IT OR INVESTIGATE THIS, "Super" is actually still running, but the second you choose to investigate the above statement (highlighted in red) by clicking on it, super will STOP encoding your file. IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO INVESTIGATE ANY SUCH RED HIGHLIGHTED STATEMENT.

    [Note: there is no way to monitor the % encoding completed of the file, best just minimise super and go to the file location (see step 4 & 14) of your file location [example "My Music], and place cursor on top (without pressing any actual mouse button), intermittantly, in order to review the growth in the presently encoding file.

    18, "Super" will close automatically when complete and your shiny new iPod encoded Quicktime file will be waiting for you wherever you chose it to encode to.

    [IF THE red "ERROR, there was a problem whils encoding file" appeared in the super window, at any point of the encoding procedure, "SUPER", may not close, when encoding IS in actual fact complete!

    So, minimise super and close your "My Music" folder (or wherever you chose to direct the file to it's location in step 14), then immediately re-open the "My Music" folder, do not press mouse but place cursor on top of your "Blue Q" Quicktime file (not the Much Bigger VOB file prepared with "DVD Decrypter) and check out the file size. IF IT DOES NOT GET ANY BIGGER BY EVEN A SINGLE BITE, OVER A 20 MINUTE PERIOD, it has in actual fact completed].

    19, Upon performing step 18, Close "Super" manually (if need be), go to your "My Music" folder (or whatever you chose, see step 14) and immediately open your quicktime file (shooting to the end to check for the end credit roll) to ensure the file completed.

    20, Close this file and briefly turn your attention to the MASSIVE "DVD Decrypter", VOB file next to it (review step 4). Delete this file immediately, it will say "This file is too big for the recycle bin, do you want to delete it permenantly", select "Yes". (Remember this is the VOB file, NOT THE QUICKTIME FILE).

    21, Close the folder where these two relevant files are (example "My Music", see step 14) & open "iTunes". Within iTunes, go to "File", select "add file to library" (get the Quicktime Moviefile in your "My Music" folder (or whatever, see step 14).

    22, Re-name file (give it the same name as the original DVD) and sync it to iPod.

    23, In iPod look under "Videos" then "Movies", select your freshly iPod encoded DVD and watch!

    Final Note: A lot of silly people have been tempted to tamper with numerous settings in both "DVD Decrypter" and "Super" (of which there are many endless ones to experiment), "Direct Show" in "Super" being a prime example, my advice is ignore any settings not listed for either program thru steps 1 to 23, as you will be saving yourself a massive headache, and repeted encoding attempts (and wasted hours) in the process. IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT!

    However, as I advise you to select "Apple iPod" over "Apple iPod Gen 5.5" (even though I have the latter) in step 13, you may want to check out the "Apple iPod Gen 5.5" audio field settings, and copy these selected audio defaults into the audio settings of the basic "Apple iPod" output container profile, which I recommend you use. That way not only do you get a crystal sharp full screen iPod picture, but also the clearest crystal sound too!

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    Free software has some disparity in funtions compared to charged software, I suggest u try ImTOO DVD to iPod Converter (http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-to-ipod-converter.html). i used it some time ago. Compared with other DVD to iPod converter, ImTOO DVD to iPod Converter is much easier to customize, and offers higher level of customization. it allows u to convert DVD to iPod video, iPhone video by custom file size, rip DVD's any segment, supports select target subtitle, audio track, etc. u can free download it from their website and have a try to see whether it suits u?..may u like it!
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    Originally Posted by Trendannoyer View Post

    mac the ripper... THEN.. handbreak

    Mactheripper then Popcorn 2
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    It is easy to sync full DVD's to iPod everytime with a PC, without handing over any money to anyone, my current "Movie" playlists are as follows:

    1, "Abba: The Definitive Collection" (1 hour 55 mins)

    2, "Atomic Kitten: 18 Greatest Video Hits" (1 hour 27 Secs)

    3, "Corrs: The Best Of" (1 Hour 12 Mins)

    4, "Crow Sheryl: The Very Best Of" (58 mins 48 Secs)

    5, "Eurythmics: Greates Hits" (1 Hour 33 Mins)

    6, "Madonna: The Confessions Tour, Live From London" (2 Hours 1 min)

    7, "Minogue Danni: The Hits & Beyond" (59 mins 03 Secs)

    8, "Minogue Kylie: Ultimatekylie" (1 Hour 58 Mins)

    9, "Pretenders: Greatest Hits" (1 Hour 15 Mins)

    10, "Spears Britney: Greatest Hits, My Perogative" (1 Hour 13 Mins)

    11, "Stevens Rachel: Come & Get It, Video Collection" (23 Mins 6 Sec)

    12, "Twain Shania: The Platinum Collection" (1 Hour 9 Mins)

    Songs: 3426

    Maximum Capacity: 74.3 GB

    Available Capacity: 55.7 GB

    Operating System: Windows

    Video Software Price: Zero

    Picture Quality: Clear As Crystal

    Full usage of iPod Screen (without "Letterbox"): Yes

    Sound Quality: Clear As Crystal

    "Handbrake" and "Mac The Ripper" (as some people recommend) is for Mac Only So, in effect useless!

    If you have money to burn, by all means "try & buy" what you like until your hearts content. . .
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