Ghost Recon Island Thunder Expansion Mod:

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Hi guys

Until we get the commercial version of the Ghost Recon Island Thunder Expansion mod, can we buy the PC version, run the installer on a PC, and just move the installed mod folder over to the Mac? I do it all the time with other free mods from the Internet...

Anyone have the PC island Thunder mod? I would be willing to buy it . But first I want to try verify it!

I have installed 10-15 3rd party mods and haven't had many problems yet. I assume that the IslandThunder mod would be pretty stable. Assuming that it doesn't have some PC specific code or executables. Of course, maybe it requires GR 1.4? Who knows?

Ask around and see who has a PC and a Mac to test!

Email me:

[email protected]


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    I'm pretty sure it isn't that simple, else Island Thunder would have shipped already.

    PC users who have updated to 1.4 can't play with Mac users, so I would imagine the 1.4 patch, as you mention, adds compatibility for Island Thunder.

    I personally can't wait for Island Thunder. Ghost Recon is one of the best damn games I've played in a while.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    I also have a PC. so if you ship me ghost recon exp pack, you can have it!
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Speaking of Ghost Recon, what are the requirements (hardware) of the beast?

    Is a decent G4 with at least 16 MB of VRAM prerequisite, or will my ibook 600/ 8 MB VRAM manage (struggling yet good enough)?
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    Well, to put it into perspective...

    I'm running a dual 450 G4 with a 32MB Radeon PCI card. The settings I currently have for Ghost Recon are:

    800x600x16, with all detail set to Medium. It runs peachy on 90% of the included maps, and stutters on certain parts of 1 or 2 maps. Third party maps, like The Dam and Downtown, completely eat me alive.

    I don't think your 8MB of VRAM is going to suffice...
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    [quote]Third party maps, like The Dam and Downtown, completely eat me alive[/QB]<hr></blockquote>

    LOL. I know your pain. I tried 'em both and it HURT! (I have a RADEON 7500 32 MB)
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