iLife '05 on G3 350?

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The System Requirements for iLife '05 say G3 400MHz+. I am wondering if anyone has tried iLife 05 on a G3 350MHz? All my friend wants to do is install iPhoto on his iMac 350SL from the iLife 05' suite.

Could someone please confirm if this will install and work? Speed of the program doesn't matter, but simply running is all he needs.



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    Does no one know the answer?
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    jasenj1jasenj1 Posts: 922member
    Go ahead and install it. The worst that can happen is it crashes. If you have the right OS version all should be fine.

    I have a B&W G3/350 that I've just kept on updating and installing new versions of stuff.

    - Jasen.
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    It'll work.

    It'll take it's time, but it'll work.

    I ran (i think the previous version of iLife) on a G3/266 iMac.
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    Thanks guys. I'll try it soon and report back.

    Stephen and I just finished installing a 120gb Maxtor IDE HDD into the iMac 350 (replacing its 6GB Quantum Fireball). I wish Tiger didnt' take so long to install from the old pokey 24x cdrom but its working.

    The installation of a new HDD in the iMac 350 is pretty easy. The only hard part is a scary part when you remove the clear part of the iMac casing, the clips on the lower front of the iMac seem like they are going to snap off and break but they come off in tact.

    If I had to do the procedure a 2nd time, it might take 10mins.

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    iPhoto 05 works on the iMac 350. It apparently runs rather slow, so we're going to try iPhotos 04.

    Can anyone suggest an alternate .app to iPhoto to do the same thing?
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