Good Pair of Headphones to work out with?

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I guess this isn't "technically" an iPod issue, but I'm assuming a good number of people on this forum use their iPods at the gym, so I figured this would be a good place to ask. I finally got on the bandwagon with the Nike+ iPod kit and am loving it. Only thing is, the Apple in-ear headphones I have just aren't cutting it anymore. I had been using them while doing wieghts and other forms of cardio, and they were doing the trick, but on a challenging run, they just keep falling out!

I'm trying to find a good pair of headphones I can use that won't fall out of my ear during an intense workout - bearing in mind that I have the Apple in-ear headphones, as well as the Sony MDR-EX71 headphone - both of which do a great job staying in my ears under normal circumstances, but not during an intense workout where sweat basically negates the friction needed to keep the slicone buds in my ears.

I went to the Apple store thinking I was going to try the Sennheiser OMX 70 Sport Earphones thinking the around the ear loop would keep them in place, but when I got there, I took a closer look and realized they don't actually have the "in-ear" type buds, but rather external type similar to the original iPod headphones which - for my ears at least - would not stay in for the life of me. So I got worried that the Sennheisers may end up just hanging off my ear but not staying IN the ears, where they should be. So now after I thought I found a decent pair, i'm back to the drawing board. Anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone tried the Sennheiser Sport line of earphones? Do they stick in the ear better than they look like they would?

Any suggestions from fellow Apple techies/fitness gurus would be appreciated!!
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